To Do

These are things I’d like to accomplish before my times up.  Not depressing, just exciting!

  1. Live in either Boston or Philly or both
  2. Get my MBA
  3. Become a big shot in the ad/marketing industry
  4. Get into photography
  5. Raise a westie puppy
  6. Be featured on WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” home page
  7. Blushing bride (get married) and loving wife
  8. Caring mom (either 2 girls or a boy and girl)
  9. Own a sweet ride (currently leasing a 2009 Audi A4, love it but it still technically belongs to someone else).
  10. Own my own home
  11. Travel/See the world:
    • Australia
    • India
    • London
    • Greece
    • Egypt
    • Hawaii
    • Romania (to see where George is from)
    • Italy
    • Paris
    • Bali
    • South Africa
    • Alaska
    • Seychelles
    • Ireland
    • Grand Canyon on a donkey!
  12. Skydive
  13. Go in a hot air balloon
  14. Go white water rafting
  15. Learn how to sail
  16. Learn how to steer a motor boat
  17. Brew my own beer
  18. Stomp grapes/make wine
  19. Try golfing
  20. See an NFL game (hopefully the Pats)
  21. Run a 5k
  22. Start a charity or at least raise awareness and support for one
  23. Swim with sharks
  24. Learn ballroom dancing
  25. Shake hands with someone famous
  26. Learn to surf

(I will definitely be adding to this list!)


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