Our Adventure to The City of Brotherly Love

This past weekend, my boyfriend George and I took a road trip down to Philly for my office holiday party and it became quite the adventure.  I picked him up after work and he was such a good sport and volunteered to drive to and from Philly (okay, maybe I forced him to drive back, but hey! I was hungover!). 

Since I was falling asleep driving to pick him up, we figured it would be a good idea to grab an energy drink for the road.  Now the only time I have ever had energy drinks were in school during midterms and finals.  They were life saving nastiness in cool looking cans.  Sure, if I didn’t choose the carb-free one my pee would turn a radioactive neon yellow (and if I did get the carb-free it would turn oddly clear), but it kept me awake (as well as bouncing-off-the-walls bonkers!).  An hour in we both were going to pee our pants.  Every time I suggested stopping at a rest-stop George would say that he could hold it until we got to NJ.  That lasted for about 10 minutes and then he told me to look for a restroom on the GPS.  More

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