Jersey Shore: love it or hate it, it’s still an obsession!

Ohhh the Jersey Shore.  I think most of us who saw the previews for season 1 a few years ago thought it was the most ridiculous concept and would immediately flop…..boy were we wrong!  I would like to take this time to congratulate MTV and the creators of the show on a crazy concept, well executed. They’ve made a fan out of me.

(Be aware that this post will most definitely be using guido lingo).

I didn’t watch TV very much in college and so I watched the first 2 seasons randomly if I was watching MTV and there happened to be an episode on. Now, that I no longer have “Thirsty Thursdays” in my schedule, my Thursday nights were spent in bed, mindlessly drooling over all the idiotic dramatic juiciness put on by the guidos and guidettes on season 3 of the Jersey Shore.  I guess it’s entertaining to see this (as self-proclaimed-guidette, Snooki claims) lifestyle.  The fights, the lingo, and the trashiness of it all!

This show caused a lot of controversy not only with audiences, but politicians as well.  The governor of NJ said the show was offensive and gave NJ a bad name.  1. Most of the cast members are not from NJ. 2. Having lived in NJ for 5 years, I’d say that the 3 cast members who are from NJ are perfect representations of the kids who I went to school with 3. They never mention representing NJ, only that they really love spending their summers there.  I don’t see any bad naming in that.

Let’s take a minute and think about the impact this show has had on us and the cast. 

1.      Fist-pumping is no longer a signature move in the Jersey clubs. 
2.      The Situation released an abs-workout video so that we flubbies can now know his secrets. 
3.      The Situation, Snooki, and JWoww are now authors.
4.      “Grenade” “fresh to death” “smush” “gorilla” “pouf” and other guido lexicons have really eased our lives when it comes to describing people and things.
5.      Ronnie is now a spokesperson for Xenadrine and can become an even bigger “juice head” (oops, forgot that one in #4) than he already is.
6.      Sammi Sweetheart and The Situation have their own jewelry lines.
Sad, that my guilty pleasure is done for the season but I’m looking forward to il dramma in Italia next season.

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