Celebrity Divorces: Can the media get over it already?

Why is it big news when a celebrity couple files for divorce?  It’s a statistic that, unfortunately, happens to half of all married couples, but you don’t see it having a section next to obituaries and weddings with people posting about their break-ups.  I decided to write about this topic because a few weeks ago I saw that Ashlee Simpson was trending on twitter and decided to check it out (thinking she’d released a new song or something).  All the tweets were about her filing for divorce from her husband Pete Wentz.

Why does the media feel the need to let the public know that a couple is separating?  Then again, why does the media feel it’s necessary to let us know about every single juicy detail of a famous person’s life?  Had I written this back as a teen I would be considered a hypocrite since I’d eat-up the latest gossip and I found the lives of the rich and famous to be really interesting.  I’m not as obsessed anymore and I realize that these are everyday people who happened to choose a profession that gave them no privacy.  A lot of them do what they can to hang on to what little privacy they might have and I feel they deserve respect for that. More


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