Car Maintenance Tips for Chicks

I found this post written by Lyndsie on the All Women Stalk blog and thought it would be helpful to share to those of us who know minimal to nothing about cars.  These tips are for small car repairs which you can attempt yourself but if you still have no idea what you’re doing or the problem isn’t fixed you should definitely leave it to a professional.

7 Kinds of Car Maintenance Every Girl Should Know

Good Luck!


The Good and Bad of 2011’s Super Bowl Ads

This past Sunday millions of us tuned into Super Bowl XLV.  I didn’t really pay attention to football this season and so I couldn’t pick a favorite team during the game (Pats weren’t in so I didn’t really care).  While the rest of the family got excited watching the game I got excited during commercial breaks.

Was it just me or were there a lot of Bud and Doritos commercials?  I can’t remember all of them but I do remember that I found the Doritos commercial with the guy going around licking people’s fingers and pants very disturbing and gross.

You know I’m going to say that the Darth Vader commercial takes the win.  It was absolutely adorable and I can totally relate to that kid and how awesome he must have felt to be able to do something with his “power.”  It was a great feel-good ad.  Honestly, it’s the only commercial that really caught my attention and stuck in my mind. More

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