Our Adventure to The City of Brotherly Love

This past weekend, my boyfriend George and I took a road trip down to Philly for my office holiday party and it became quite the adventure.  I picked him up after work and he was such a good sport and volunteered to drive to and from Philly (okay, maybe I forced him to drive back, but hey! I was hungover!). 

Since I was falling asleep driving to pick him up, we figured it would be a good idea to grab an energy drink for the road.  Now the only time I have ever had energy drinks were in school during midterms and finals.  They were life saving nastiness in cool looking cans.  Sure, if I didn’t choose the carb-free one my pee would turn a radioactive neon yellow (and if I did get the carb-free it would turn oddly clear), but it kept me awake (as well as bouncing-off-the-walls bonkers!).  An hour in we both were going to pee our pants.  Every time I suggested stopping at a rest-stop George would say that he could hold it until we got to NJ.  That lasted for about 10 minutes and then he told me to look for a restroom on the GPS. 
My wonderful Garmin nüvi has helped me out in a lot of predicaments, it’s also been the lead cause of those predicaments but I still think it’s great.  Nüvi decided to take us through a wonderful sight-seeing tour of New Rochelle.  It started off arriving in .4mi which then lead to about 6mi of making lefts and rights through the downtown area.  We finally arrived at a McDonald’s which seemed to be the place to be on a Friday night. It was packed with middle schoolers and high schoolers just standing around. 
The plan was to stop at the Moe’s Southwest Grill in East Windsor, NJ.  Moe’s is one of the greatest Mexican fast food chains ever created!  I used to think that Taco Bell was the only option out there, but after having gone to the taquerias in CA for a summer I came back with disgust for Taco Bell.  A friend of mine introduced me to Moe’s and I was in love with the first bite!  George and I get random cravings for Moe’s and so it was the best present ever being able to stop there.  I always get queso on my Triple Lindy burrito (George realized that I always order a Homewrecker but then never want the Sour Cream so I should probably just order a Triple Lindy because it’s cheaper and makes more sense….isn’t he the best! lol).  Unfortunately, when we arrived there was no more queso and there was a 10 minute wait for it.  Did I wait for it?  You bet I did and it felt like the most amazing thing I’d ever eaten (even though I’ve eaten it sooo many times before).  As we sat there in Moe’s heaven, George says “wow, this is like a Mexican Chuck E. Cheese’s.”  He was pretty much right since there was an arcade attached to the Moe’s with all these little hooligans running around.

George and I at the Liberty Bell!
The car ride was the more crazy part of our trip.  We were put up in an awesome hotel, The Sofitel and had savory and delicious Italian food at Osteria.  George has never seen historic Philly so we went and saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Constitution Center.  Stopped for lunch at Reading Terminal Market where George waited 20+minutes for a sandwich from Dinic’s and I had an awesome falafel! We ended our exciting tour by seeing the Holiday Spectacular at the Comcast Center (which is a definite must see when you’re in town).

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